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Why Memo Paris samples are chargeable?

We appreciate your interest in Memo Paris and understand your curiosity about our chargeable sample policy. We'd like to shed light on why we've implemented this approach, rooted in our commitment to quality, sustainability, and a deeper appreciation for our fragrances.

  • Quality Assurance: Our fragrances are meticulously crafted works of art, where every note and nuance has been carefully blended to evoke emotions and memories. Providing chargeable samples ensures that you experience the true essence of our creations, as opposed to a diluted or altered version that may not accurately represent our fragrances' complexity and beauty.

  • Sustainability: Sustainability is at the core of our values. By offering chargeable samples, we're minimizing waste generated from distributing free samples that might not be appreciated or used fully. This aligns with our responsibility to reduce our ecological footprint and contribute positively to the environment.

  • Serious Explorers: Our chargeable sample policy is aimed at engaging with enthusiasts who are genuinely interested in exploring the world of Memo Paris fragrances. This helps us cater to those who are seeking a deeper connection and understanding of our scents, fostering a community of passionate fragrance aficionados.

  • Appreciation for Craftsmanship: Each Memo Paris fragrance is a labor of love, created by our skilled perfumers who pour their expertise and creativity into every drop. By offering chargeable samples, we extend the respect our perfumers deserve for their craft, encouraging a more sincere and meaningful engagement with our fragrances.

  • Curated Experience: Our chargeable sample policy allows us to provide you with a curated selection that aligns with your preferences. This personalized approach ensures that you're not just receiving random samples but rather a thoughtful selection tailored to your tastes and interests.

While our chargeable sample policy may differ from traditional practices, we believe it encapsulates our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the genuine exploration of our fragrant universe. We're excited to continue sharing our olfactory journeys with you and invite you to embark on this scented adventure with Memo Paris.

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