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Fjord and tonka sparkle

To continue the journey, Memo Paris loves the company of artists, author and illustrator, who let their imagination wander according to the landscape.

Blandine Pannequin: She is a young illustrator who graduated from ESAG Penninghen in 2015, whose style artfully combines blocks of colour with deliberate lines, where every detail counts. She imbued Flåm with all the poetic warmth the eponymous Nordic village inspires.

Catherine Pont-Humbert: She is a writer, literary journalist, and a creator of musical readings; she also worked as a producer for France Culture from 1990 to 2010. She recently published Carnets de Montréal [Travel Diaries from Montreal] released by Du Passage (2016) and we wanted to have her write a tale of another destination shining bright under the Northern Lights.

This book is written in French and English

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Our story

Memo imagines perfume as a journey, building its identity around magical destinations and intense raw materials, high quality natural ingredients.

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